Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Hayley Williams!

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with movies, or the holidays, but how could I not address this? Hayley Williams (24 today) is the madly talented lead singer of my favorite band, Paramore, after all. I've been a die hard fan of their music since I first heard them ("That's What You Get", to be specific), and a huge reason for that is because of Williams' strong, passionate, energetic vocals. Doesn't hurt that she has such an energetic, likable personality. Seeing the whole band live in concert is an experience I'll never forget. I guess I'm also very spoiled by their style, because I can never bear to listen to a cover of one of their songs.

I'll admit that, like my fellow fanboys, I had worries about the future of the band since the departure of the two Farro brothers. However, their most recent songs following Brand New Eyes (a collection of perfection I'll never get tired of) have put all my worries to rest. I am beyond excited for their upcoming fourth album, and I look forward to everything else they've got coming up in the future.

Attached here is the music video for "The Only Exception". Not only is this my favorite Paramore song, it's my favorite song, period.
Just do me a favor, and never listen to Glee's cover of this song. They completely BUTCHER it!

The rest of my favorites: Misery Business, Renegade, Ignorance, That's What You Get, Brick By Boring Brick, My Heart.

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