Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beauty and the Beast movie review.

Out of all the many titles within Disney's beloved Animation Classics lineup, few are beloved greater or as much as Beauty and the Beast. A timeless, beautiful, and modest love story that continues to age gracefully, its iconic music and imagery, as well as its powerful central romance has continued to earn it new fans, and high ranks among the "best of" lists of Disney enthusiasts.

In short, it should be no surprise that Disney decided to give it a live-action remake. From a business standpoint it makes sense, but creatively, it's a mixed bag. Beauty and the Beast has already become a done-to-death property, and compared to its decades-old counterparts like Cinderella and The Jungle Book, it's practically a "youngin" within its pantheon of classic Disney films, with the original still fresh within viewers' minds, and there being little to fix what was already perfect. But with all of that hanging over it, how exactly does this new take on the tale as old as time blossom?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Brief thoughts on Logan.

For 17 years, Hugh Jackman has been the one constant in the X-Men film series. Having defined and carved out the character from his first onscreen appearance, and having played a part in every film in the series (minus Deadpool), it became clear through Jackman's commitment to even the most mediocre of material that he was doing more than just playing Wolverine, but that he was the Wolverine. But with Jackman himself aging and growing out of the role of a rapidly healing man, the studio intends to finish off his last appearance in the series in big, bloody, brutal fashion with Logan.