Thursday, February 28, 2013

"50 Years of Bond" Retrospective: Introduction.

With the release of Skyfall culminating in the film winning a tally of two Oscars and becoming only the third James Bond film to ever win an Oscar, I thought this would be a good time to take a look back at all 23 films of the 007 franchise.

James Bond practically needs no introduction. It’s the longest running franchise in history, and one of the most beloved. The series has made a huge impact on cinema, and has become an iconic action staple. From the cool gadgets, to the music, from the Bond girls, to the action sequences, it’s made a big mark.

Due to scheduling conflicts, I’m gonna restrict myself to only reviewing one or two movies every weekend. This week, I’ll start off with the three very first movies, to be posted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Every Friday I’ll update with a new review, and if I have a second film, I’ll update that on Saturday. At the end of the retrospective, I’ll be ranking all the films from favorite to least favorite.

I hope you'll enjoy reading what I have to say, and do bring with you your martinis. Shaken, not stirred...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Finishing up the year - Part 2

Next is for Life of Pi, A Royal Affair, Seven Psychopaths, and This is Not a Film.

Finishing up the year - Part 1

This’ll probably end up being my last bunch of smaller review posts for this year, and I’ve only got one individual review left to do for The Master. I’m pretty much finished up with 2012, and I’ll be moving on to 2013 soon. Awards season is now in full swing, so that’s where I’ll end up turning my attention. Enjoy reading. I’ll do one post with five reviews, and another for the other four.

This first post is for Bully, Hithcock, The Impossible, The Imposter, and The Intouchables.