Reasons for my review ratings.

Anytime I review a movie, I'll give it a rating between 0 to 5 *. Occasionally, my rating of the film will change. Here are the reasons why each film is rated as such:

0 - A very rare rating for a movie that has absolute no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Easily worthy of being one of the worst movies of all time.

1/2 - A few small, decent moments are unfortunately wasted in a hideous final product.

* - Despite some saving graces, it is impossible to recommend this movie on any level.

*1/2 - It may not be the worst you could do, but it's pretty much a waste in the end.

** - Any good qualities exist solely to mask the fact that the movie, itself, is weak. You're better off skipping it.

**1/2 - An inoffensively average flick. Whether or not it's worth watching I'll leave up to you.

*** - A somewhat enjoyable movie. It's at least worth a rental.

***1/2 - A movie that has pretty big faults, but still proves to be a solid effort.

**** - Despite some flaws, it's still a very good movie that deserves to be seen.

****1/2 - Highly entertaining, and any major flaws are still overshadowed.

***** - The only flaws that exist in this movie - if any at all - could be found only by nit-picking,. It cannot be recommended enough. It's a must see!

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