Saturday, March 14, 2015

Very brief thoughts on the awful The Cobbler.

Forgive me if my write up today is going to be particularly short, but frankly, I don’t plan on giving this movie any more attention than it deserves. The movie doesn’t work… At all!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out all of the fatal flaws in this movie. The premise is utterly ridiculous and overly fantastical with no consistent logic. The movie’s sense of humor is incredibly poor and toothless. The film jumps between different tones and moods like complete whiplash. The film is loaded with unappealing characters and near-offensive racial stereotypes. Despite a decent turn from Adam Sandler, the rest of the ensemble cast register in the negative range. The film bounces back and forth between heinously boring and appallingly tasteless.

What’s most perplexing, however, is when you realize that Tom McCarthy, director of films like The Visitor, is the writer and director of this movie. What’s worse is that his intentions seem to come from a good place, but in actuality are hateful and creepy (such as a scene where Sandler poses as his father to rekindle his mother’s relationship with him). That’s not even a fraction of the jaw-dropping things in this movie. I’m actually convinced he made this movie awful on purpose. There’s no other excuse for how hideous this movie is, especially because it feels like a huge step back for a man as progressively minded and topic sensitive as him.

Between this movie and Men, Women & Children, it was simply one disaster after another for Sandler’s comeback at drama. He somehow worked with the director of The Visitor, and wound up in a film with a comedic murder scene. This is the stuff that infamy and laughing stocks are made of!

* / *****

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