Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mini-Review: Big Miracle

Depending on my schedule, this may be my last review of August. I've still got a review of some animated features I've seen to get done, as well as one for the great new TV series The Newsroom, but whatever my schedule may be, enjoy this one.

Big Miracle looks deceiving due to its advertising. Looking like a sappy, cliched mess of a cash in. Even at first impression, it's deceiving. Characters like the oft-seen charismatic ex-boyfriend, the spunky animal rights activist, the street-smart young kid, the pretty fish out of water journalist, the local elderly wiseman, the mean old oil tycoon turned good guy, the unlikely geniuses who provide comic relief, and even the self-absorbed douchebag news anchor had me fearing for its quality.

However, something about this true story just sticks. The script is overly cliched, but there's a surprising heart and lack of cheap corniness to it that feels more honest than its sappy sounding premise may let on. It also boasts another surprising element: actual intelligence. It may not be groundbreaking, but it's done plenty of justice by an excellent cast. Even if it's not always focused, the powerful ending is happily earned, adding up to a satisfying family drama.

***1/2 / *****

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